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        Some people argue that children should always follow their parents’ advice.To what extent do you agree or disagree?
        先讓步,讓步也是為了讓行文更順。不然,下一句中的more reliable這個比較級可能顯得唐突。 Parents’ advice cannot be perfect; it is however more reliable than children’s own opinion or decision. 接下來解釋為什么more reliable,是對上一句的細化。信息的細化是一種信息順延關系。Going through life’s many events, parents know the world better than their children, who arenaïve and are novices in dealing with the many issues of life. 然后,筆者引出一個并列的理由。 Meanwhile, when a parent gives a piece of advice, it is for the good of the child. The good intention must be recognized. 然后,筆者通過例證應對前文所述的理由,針對上一句的抽象內容來舉例也是一種搭建CC的方法。 For example, a parent may object to the child’s puppy love. The child may follow the advice and avoid the heartbreaking moment anddisappointment, which the parent experienced when he or she was young, when the premature romance ends.
        Employers should give their staff at least four weeks’ time off work a year to make employees better at their jobs.
        To what extent do you agree or disagree?
        從four weeks的特點切入,先說時間長就能走的遠:The four weeks would be a time that is long enough and thus allows employees to travel far. 順著“遠”,以國外為例細化“遠”:For example, some vacationers may spend the overseas. 再從“遠”引到“靈感”:As the destination is far from and probably different from home, which may have confined the workers’ minds for long, the exotic culture may be their inspiration for work. 接下來,并列一個理由,時間長所以可以好好體會,產生智力上的火花:Meanwhile, during the four weeks, a time that is long enough, vacationers may be able to fully appreciate the different life and generate intellectual sparks. “靈感”和“火花”歸于一點之后,引向work better:At this point, employers can expect the more efficient and productive job performance of their staff.
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