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  2. 無憂雅思網_雅思預測_雅思機經_雅思考試_雅思資料下載_雅思名師_2018年雅思考試時間



    G類: In many countries, people don't wear their national costume. Many people think it will forget their history and tradition. So, people should be encouraged to wear national costume every day. You agree or disagree. (This is argument topic, u should support one or another)

    G類:Do you think people do different jobs they should have different time holiday are you agree or disagree , give your reason an explain.

    G類:Parent should limit children time of watching TV and playing computer game, others Insister children spend reading books, agree or disagree?

    G類:People doing different kinds of work enjoy different amount of holiday time. Should people have the same amount of leisure time? Give your opinion using some of your own experience.

    G類:Some people think that children's lives will be different from their own. What is your opinion? Explain the reasons by your experience and examples.

    G類:The culture of different countries are becoming similar so there is no point for people to go traveling abroad for they could have same experience at home agree or disagree.

    G類:Today some person has to work away from his family, what is the advantages and disadvantages? Give your opinion and some explanations of your experience.

    G類:You and your family are living in a rented accommodation in an English-speaking country, You are not satisfied because there are something wrong with the furniture. So write a letter to the landlord and ask how to resole the problem.

    G類:Your character is strongly influenced by the place where you grew up. -In what ways can growing up in a city or growing up in the countryside influenced people's character? Give you relative experiences.




    G類:關于VIOLENT FILMS你有什么看法對人有什么影響根據你的經驗說說?

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