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    Top 10 Strategies for the ACT English Test

    1.Skim an English passage before starting work on the questions 

    2.On questions that ask you to judge a passage, lean toward selecting a choice that favors it 

    3.Choose answers that match the level of formality of the entire passage 

    4.The best way to write something is the shortest correct way of writing it 

    5.If you speak a "nonstandard" dialect, be extra careful with questions that focus on idioms 

    6.Watch for subject-verb and noun-pronoun agreement 

    7.Make sure parenthetical phrases begin and end with the same punctuation mark 

    8.Look out for sentence fragments and run-on sentences 

    9.Make sure that nouns and pronouns are modified by adjectives, and that verbs and adjectives are modified by adverbs 

    10.Learn the difference between it's and its

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